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An organization that understands the importance of providing safe and drug free workplace environments with four unique and beneficial courses.

Do you know how and when to do reasonable suspicion training? Do you know the signs of drug use? What is reasonable suspicion? How do you train your staff in the hospitality industry on crime prevention? Have you professionally trained your bar-tenders on “Last Call Beverage Server Education” to reduce liability under DRAM shop laws? We can help you answer YES to all of these questions.

Our online course, “Reasonable Suspicion” complies with the Department of Transportation (DOT) Need to Know for Supervisors.  To learn more, click on our online course, Reasonable Suspicion.

Since 1995, our company has provided specialized drug and alcohol training for numerous businesses, schools, corporations, hotels, restaurants, and casinos on how to make their environments safer for employees, students, and patrons.

Corporate Drug and Alcohol Specialists, Inc., (CDAS), recognizes that recognition is the first step in prevention and treatment for substance abusing employees and patrons. Furthermore, early recognition and intervention prevents disruptions and promotes safety on your premises.

The total cost of alcohol and drug abuse in America is estimated at 245.7 billion dollars. Early detection through recognition and substance abuse training can significantly reduce these costs.

Seminars are customized to fit your audience in either four-hour or eight-hour training sessions. Each course specializes in training supervisors and other staff to recognize specific signs and symptoms associated with (7) basic categories of drugs, including alcohol, and prescription medications. CDAS seminars are professionally presented, provide a comprehensive, easy-to-follow manual, a certificate of completion, and fulfills your Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Guidelines for required “Reasonable Suspicion Training.”

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) trained our staff of police instructors as “Drug Recognition Experts” (DRE). In dealing with the drug impaired and chemically impaired every day, we know what they use, how they use it, and the observable effects. We are one of the few companies in the United States able to provide this expert training. CDAS has trained across the country and in Canada for almost two decades, saving thousands of dollars in day-to-day business and workman’s compensation costs. We are located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and are eager to serve YOU!

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